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Hypnosis Recordings vs. the Real Thing

By Barrie St John - HypnoShop.com

I’m often asked the question “Are self hypnosis recordings really as effective as hypnotherapy with a real live person?” My answer is yes, absolutely. 

Certainly, there are significant differences to be found when comparing self hypnosis CDs or downloads to one on one therapy, but they are just that, differences. What one individual considers a benefit may be seen as a drawback to the next person. It really comes down to each person’s natural makeup, which determines what works for them.

For instance, in the case of live one to one hypnotherapy, a session can be concentrated on a particular problem, which may be a priority to you at a given moment, especially if you’re easily hypnotized. With recorded self hypnosis sessions, you do not have the benefit of focalized subject matter. There is no doubt that for specific problems, particular deep rooted problems, live one to one hypnotherapy is the best option.

On the other hand, to someone else, successful hypnotherapy may be dependant on the need to hear the message repeatedly. The law of concentrated attention and the power of suggestion in hypnosis are proven and very real. In this case, a recorded self hypnosis session is really the best option. You have complete control over when and how often to hear the recording. With live hypnotherapy, you do not have the benefit of repeated play, or the convenience of selective timing.

There is nothing preventing you from trying combined therapy, wherein you see a hypnotherapist in person, and also benefit from self hypnosis recordings in your own time. There is no system to conform to; it’s really whatever works for each individual person. Each of us has to answer this for ourselves.

After several face to face hypnotherapy sessions, you may want to try a CD or a download, and see how it works for you. On the other hand, you may start with self hypnosis recordings, and after experiencing some degree of success, you may wish to have one or more face to face sessions. 

From a cost standpoint, it’s certainly worth trying self hypnosis recordings first. It’s far more economical than face to face, and if successful, you can save a lot of time and money by directing your own therapy. I always give my clients one of my own self hypnosis CDs to use in between therapy sessions, so that they get the best of both worlds.

There is also the added advantage that by repeated listening of a recording you’ll have experienced the hypnotic state many times, which means you’ll no what to expect from hypnosis in general. Some people find it hard to enter a state of creative relaxation on the first few attempts. Since you’ll have experienced this many times from listening to a self hypnosis recording, it could save you both time and money should you wish to visit a hypnotherapist for live one to one sessions.

I’ve heard of a few hypnotherapists who question the effectiveness of self hypnosis recordings and I often get asked the question “do recorded hypnosis sessions actually work?” I say yes they do, without question.

It’s like anything else; it may not work for everyone, but for those who are willing to listen regularly, it can be extremely successful. Hypnosis is about suggestion, the more you hear something, the more it penetrates. This is precisely why recorded self hypnosis sessions are so effective. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

About the Author
Barrie St John is a leading figure in the field of hypnotherapy and personal change. He is the author behind the best selling self hypnosis CDs and downloads at www.HypnoShop.com


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Self hypnosis cannot be as effective as using the services of an expert hypnotherapist, because he would help you to control your mind and develop a scene of confidence and firm determination.

Manchester Hypnotherapy said...

So many things we take for granted, so many things we worry about needlessly, taking up energy and making us unwell. Emotional stress can effect our daily lives. So try putting your worries into context.
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